Here are answers to frequently asked questions. If you miss an answer, feel free to contact us, we will answer you immediately.



What are the payment details for bank transfers / prepayment?

merijula design GmbH

Bank: Deutsche Bank

IBAN: DE13200700240326684800


You will also find our bank details in the order confirmation. This will be sent by e-mail after receipt of the order. Please use the order number as reference for the transfer.

How does a coupon or voucher code work?

A coupon or coupon code can easily be inserted during the ordering process. The voucher value will then be deducted automatically from the final amount. Find out more here: Voucher & Coupon Codes

Who delivers the packages?

We ship with DHL.

Is the delivery to a DHL Packstation possible?

Yes, we also send your package to a DHL Packstation. After successful delivery, you can pick up your package at any time.

When does my article arrive?

The expected delivery time is in your order confirmation. If we have the item in stock, we will send the item immediately after receiving the payment. Since we use DHL as a shipping provider, shipping then takes 2-3 business days. If it comes to longer delivery times, it's because we have to re-produce the items - nevertheless, we hurry naturally and try to be as transparent as possible in the ordering process. If you are uncertain or your item has not arrived within the delivery time, please contact our customer service via the email address support@merijula.com.

How does the return shipping work?

Please fill out the attached delivery note and state the reason for your return. Then send the unworn items back within 4 weeks together with the label:

CO / Merijula Design GmbH
Wohlwillstraße 24
20359 Hamburg, Germany

Please understand that we can not offer RETOURE shipments free of charge. We are a handmade label and each one Returns must be unpacked, checked, returned and stored again. This requires working hours on the Cost of returns would still come on top. The same applies to exchange: If you like an article in a different size, please order the article again in our online shop. Thank you very much for your understanding.

By the way: You can also just bring the things back to us in the store.

When do I get my money back for returned goods?

After we have received the return and the condition of the item is ok, we usually return the money 2-3 days later.

Is there a discount on the purchase of larger quantities, or are there special conditions for traders?

We can grant a discount to the trade if you accept larger quantities. For this, please register as a dealer and send a request by e-mail or the contact form.

Where can I subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter?

If you already have a customer account, you can sign up and unsubscribe from the newsletter after registering in the customer area. If no customer account exists: subscribe to newsletter or  unsubscribe newsletter

Where do your clothes come from?

We procure our fabrics and blanks exclusively from verified dealers who have been proven to disclose their certificates, that they are always fair in their production and, in the best case, ORGANIC, i.e. organically grown. Our fair traders mainly produce in Portugal, Tanzania and Bangladesh. You can find more about this here:  ABOUT

What does „merijula” mean?

M > Magic / E > Education / R > Respect / I > Independence / J > Justice / U > Unity / L > Love / A > Art
You can find more about this here:  ABOUT

Are all your products fair?


Are all your products ORGANIC?

Almost all. About 70% are organically grown.

Are all your products vegan?

Yes. Except for a few SALE accessories we now also take out of our collection.

Who are the founders of the merijula ​​brand

Designer Sarah Runge and entrepreneur and filmmaker Julian Schmitz.
You can find more about this here:  ABOUT

Some Care labels say "Made in Bangladesh" - how can that be a fair label?

Just because Bangladesh is so often in the media when it comes to suppression of human rights does not mean that there are also large local production sites that are well-behaved in accordance with regulations and decent European standards. All our dealers have certificates that are renewed and tested each year.
You can find more about this here:  ABOUT

Why are sizes different?

Sometimes our sizes are a bit different as we source from different retailers. However, there are always differences even with the same manufacturer, simply because the cut is different or the composition of the substance. In our product descriptions, we try to give you the best possible description.

What does "freedom wear" mean?

We've been looking for a long description that reflects what we do. "Freedom" refers to the free life and attitude of the one who carries our brand and the one who makes it. Likewise for no living being, which must serve for it. "Wear" refers to the clothes themselves.

My favorite item is sold out. Are the pieces limited or will they be back?

Often there are bottlenecks in production, because we print everything by hand. If this happens, articles are often no longer available. Nevertheless, we try to ensure that all items are made available as soon as possible. If it is very urgent, you can also contact support@merijula.com.

I have ordered, but I would like to add an article. What can I do?

It is best to contact our customer service (support@merijula.com).
Alternatively, you can cancel your order and place a new order.

Which payment options do you offer?

Currently you can pay via PayPal (direct debit, invoice, credit card), Klarna invoice & installment, prepayment and payment on pick up.